QTodoTxt v1.2.0 released !

01 Feb 2014


QTodoTxt is my side project for one year now and I must say it grows quite well ! It provides a cross-platform UI client for todo.txt files (see todo.txt for more).

I released v1.2.0 two weeks ago and for the first time people contributed code to that release. So thank you to chaghi, mgushee and CalumJEadie.

They are a lot of new features in that version:

That version was downloaded more than 300 times in 2 weeks ! Almost as many times as an album of Justin Bieber (yes I just put Justin Bieber in a post about a Python todolist app :).

So if you have more ideas for a v1.3.0, feel free to drop a ticket in GitHub.

And if you are a:

You can help me ! Don’t hesitate to contact me :)